Tuesday, May 31, 2022
hi for the love of god hello
WELCOME TO MY PAGE, INTERNET TRAVELER. my name's keaton and im unemployed. got a lot of freetime on my hands, to say the least, and im not spending it outdoors when its high 90s with humidity like whoa, so freshening up on my hodgepodge honed-on-tumblr HTML skills via collecting deeply 2000 and late gifs and making stupid little text games and horror stories seems like a good enough plan. please view in fullscreen on desktop! it should work otherwise but you'll be missing out on stuff lol. k laterz.
Friday, June 24, 2022

▶▶WESTRN EXP Room Avail. - 5 Br 2 Ba - FREE Wifi - $300∕mo is a horror serial short story updating monthly.

Global warming, war in the middle east, plus Portland is being eaten alive by luxury developers: 2004 has a lot in store, but all Ollie cares about at this point is having a place to live that's not falling apart and might stand a chance of not devouring their paycheck every two weeks. All things considered, then, it could be worse than a couple obnoxious roommates they don't have to actually spend time with and a basement washing machine that occasionally ruins a shirt as collateral. It could be worse. Right?

chapter 1 UP NOW. plz comment!
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Friday, June 2, 2022
fic page update

first off, yes, i am still tragically in the grasp of supernatural (2005-2020) and have not wriggled free. what can i say: the shit you were into at 14 stays with you forever. i finished 2 more drafts today + will probably get them up sometime next week, but im also working on my book (based on my monster house thesis) so idk, might save a few for posting in a drought lol.

i also remembered last night that i made this whole game proposal for a scifi class online summer 2020 (which is probably why i forgot it, coming in the sweet spot between early pandemic haze and getting cancer that fall) and dug it back up. GOD i wish i could do game design, this thing was so cool... if anyone wants 2 try 2 make it, hmu. link's on /fic.html but you can also get to it here directly too (view on desktop, obv). i might port it onto this site too, idk. hm... hmmmmmm....

ETA 6/6: yep, port here

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

read my senior thesis monster houses so the last 6 years weren't a waste. except more inexplicable intertextual rambling posts as the book is underway

in the meantime, please enjoy this yume nikki hand staircase.