Wednesday, May 25, 2022
▶▶WESTRN EXP Room Avail. - 5 Br 2 Ba - FREE Wifi - $300∕mo

HORROR SERIAL, CURRENTLY UPDATING MONTHLY - Climate change, war in the middle east, plus Portland is being eaten alive by luxury developers, but all Ollie wants is a place to live that's not falling apart and might stand a chance of not devouring their paycheck every two weeks. All things considered, then, it could be worse than a couple obnoxious roommates they don't have to actually spend time with and a basement washing machine that occasionally ruins a shirt as collateral. It could be worse. Right?

  • CHAPTER ONE june 24th
  • CHAPTER TWO coming july 1st
  • CHAPTER THREE coming july 8th
  • CHAPTER FOUR coming july 15th
  • CHAPTER FIVE coming july 22nd
  • CHAPTER SIX coming july 29th
  • CHAPTER SEVEN coming august 5th
  • DOWNLOAD HERE eventually

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